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Coaching is an investment in your future. My commitment is to help you clarify what you want from a coaching relationship, identify what you want to be different and to make the changes to realise your goals.

Leadership coaching testimonials

One of the best investments I have made...

“Alison coached me over a period of about 6 months when I was new in a leadership role. Although I was already a leader, this promotion was a big one that needed me to operate at a higher level to be successful. Alison helped me explore what type of leader I wanted to be and how I was going to go about it. To begin with, I questioned everything I had become comfortable with and this was challenging because it was unsettling. However, I came out the other end with a calm confidence in who I am as a leader. The coaching sessions led to one of the most significant periods of personal growth in my career. Alison has a gift of making the sessions feel like they are all about you but in a comfortable and natural way. That said, our time wasn't superficial, we explored some pretty deep stuff and I did an awful lot of processing between sessions. The time I spent with Alison was one of the best investments I have made; I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
- Director, Healthcare

Alison’s coaching support helped reinvigorate me...

“Having been in a role for a number of years I was experiencing a lack of energy and motivation. Alison’s coaching support helped reinvigorate me and remind me of my energy, potential and skills. Through her non-judgmental, questioning and supportive approach I made significant changes. I moved from feeling burdened to the point I couldn't make any progress to enthusiastically looking forward to maximising my potential and contribution to the organisation.” 
- Executive Director, Charity

Alison gave me the clarity, focus and direction I needed...

“I was fortunate to have six coaching sessions with Alison. Being in a senior HR role, in a newly formed organisation, there were numerous challenges on a personal and organisational level. Alison helped me to explore the position in a calm and professional manner and gave me the clarity, focus and direction I needed to approach my situation from a leadership perspective. She helped me to identify and address issues I was not aware of or did not recognise as part of the problem. Her approach helped me to work through the complexity of personalities and relationships and focus on the best outcome.

As a result of her coaching I take actions and make decisions that maximise results and spend less time on side issues. I came away with a new approach and way of working that enabled me to successfully make the change from management to leadership. It was an unexpected experience that resulted in many changes that will stay with me for life. I’d highly recommend her.” 
​- Senior HR professional, Not for profit institute

We all felt we were winners..

“Alison was a coach for one of my direct reports. She took on the brief, helped her to work through a specific development goal, in a way that was motivating and enlightening, whilst also being really inclusive and beneficial to me, and Bottle. She walked that fine line of confidence for her 'client' and the business - navigating our 'three ways' at the start and end brilliantly. We all felt we were winners. Thank you.” 
- Managing Director, PR

Career coaching testimonials

Not only a fantastic executive coach but also your biggest cheerleader...

“I thoroughly recommend Alison Green as an executive coach. She has the rare ability to make change feel easy. She's helped me identify behaviour patterns that were hurdles to my career progression and, more importantly, gave me tools and actions to overcome them. When you work with her, you'll get not only a fantastic executive coach but also your biggest cheerleader.” 
​​- Director, Creative

​Such a huge and immediate effect...

“From my very first session with Alison I felt more confident, clearer about my direction and approach. She really helped me understand myself better and to identify the patterns I wanted to change. I achieved my coaching goals and I was amazed by how tweaking a few small things would have such a huge and immediate effect.”
​- Creative Director, Digital

Everybody needs an Alison in their life...

“Everybody needs an Alison in their life. Serendipitously, my sessions with Alison started when there was a lot of change happening in my professional life. Alison guided me to not only overcome some patterns and situations, but to also really think about what I need to make myself happy and feel fulfilled, how to achieve that which also helps my company. All with patience, understanding and lots of smiles :)” 
- Digital Specialist, Media

Transitions coaching testimonials

Alison sparked my thought process to transform my career aspirations...

“Alison helped me clarify my long term career and personal goals. Over the course of 8 months she helped me explore what was important to me. She sparked my thought process to transform my career aspirations into a practical, tangible and implementable life project that had structure and sense. Alison has great listening skills, is very perceptive and I came up with answers that I fully owned. This wasn’t in a superficial way. Through questions and visualisation she helped me arrive at a more sophisticated answer, made me think deeply and have the confidence to make changes and achieve my ambitions. By the end of our sessions I felt confident my project was no longer a dream that would be put on a shelf, it was a project that had sense and was aligned with my core values, competencies and financial requirements.” 
- Senior Manager, Financial Services

Working parents coaching testimonials

The coaching was enjoyable, positive and beneficial...

“I worked with Alison on strategies to manage and even to embrace some difficult challenges in my work as a lawyer, including achieving a better balance between work and the rest of life. Alison helped me to think things through clearly and carefully. It was a great opportunity to take stock and experience how small changes can collectively make a big difference. The coaching was enjoyable, positive and beneficial." 
​- Partner, Law Firm

I only wish more people got the chance to do this...

"I had heard of executive coaching, but didn't think it would benefit me because I thought initially I was an open book, but I quickly realised it wasn't about me talking, rather it was all about me thinking and getting to know the real me. This is something I don't get to do a great deal of during my busy career. Alison challenged me in ways I didn't think were possible and I honestly believe I came away a different person. She coached me to deal with my upcoming maternity leave and even empowered me to write my own blog on the topic of helping other career focused women. I now feel strong and confident and able to cope with the challenges that await me. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. It was a great experience and I only wish more people got the chance to do this." 
- Head of Editorial, PR

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